Poultry House Heat Exchanger

The Anderson Poultry Shed Heat Recovery System is designed so that the fresh air and dirty waste air never mix causing contamination. By passing the warm waste air from the shed over the heat recovery sheets which contains the fresh incoming air we can preheat the air for free before it enters the shed leading to savings in Gas of up to 60% fuel saving fresh air.
Anderson Heat Recovery System Air-Flow Diagram

The airflow pattern through the machine has been designed to maximise the efficiency of heat transfer and has been set up to cause turbulence to constantly keep the air moving and to reduce dust build up.

Heat Recovery System

The units are manufactured in the UK and follow a basic design giving rise to minimal problems over the course of its life. They are available in two sizes depending on ventilation requirements.

Model Dimensions Surface area for heat exchange Fan size Airflow rate capacity to 14 days capacity to 21 days
TD1 5.5m x 1.6m 6,678.ft² 640mm 10,000m³/hr 31,400
TD2 5.5m x 2.4m 9.970.ft² 710mm 14,000m³/hr 44,000

The control unit comprises a simple touch screen display showing the outside air temperature and return air temperature and includes a fully programmable growth curve. It also includes full fan motor protection, fault indication and allows for simple software upgrades.

Field Testing

On going trials around the UK currently suggest an average saving of between 40-55% of fuel usage (of course the amount of fuel saved will be larger during the winter as the heaters are required more often).


• Simple Touch Screen Display
• Computer Controlled programmable growth curve
• Reduced Heat Requirements
• Available in Two Sizes 10,000m³/hr (16,400 birds to 21 day’s) & 14,000m³/hr (23,000 birds to 21 days)
• Simple Installation
• Low Maintenance, an automatic self cleaning fi lter keeps the dust in the bird area not in the machine.

Current Results Show

• 30 - 60% gas saving (Weather dependent)
• Even chick spread throughout the shed
• Improvements in live weight and FCR
• Huge improvements in litter quality (even in sheds over 30 years old) with less litter top up required; giving reduced Podo and Hockburn

Part Code

7TD1 TD1 Heat Exchanger 10,000m³/hr
7TD2 TD2 Heat Exchanger 14,000m³/hr