GSM Speech Dialler

EPA Products strongly recommends using the GSM Speech Dialler to backup any landline telephone Alarm communicator system. (During severe storms it is possible to lose the telephone landline rendering the main telephone landline alarm useless).

The EPA GSM Speech Dialler uses the mobile phone network (and will accept any mobile telephone network SIM card).

The EPA GSM Speech Dialler can be used for remote sites where telephone landlines are non-existent.

To help with the restriction of using mobile phone networks within a building with metal cladding, the unit is supplied with an external antenna.

Powered by its own 12vdc power supply which is trickle charged under normal conditions.

To help prevent false call outs the GSM is fitted with a programmable delay timer 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 5 minutes.

Fitted in an IP65 Plastic enclosure with a clear hinged cover.

  • Maximum of 9 telephone numbers can be programmed
  • Alarm Message can be Voice or SMS
  • Multiple Alarm Inputs – Can be used to identify different alarm conditions (Temperature, Main Power, Generator Operating, Water, Intruder)
  • Alarm Test Message can be programmed for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly operation
  • Alarm Event Log, Time and Date
  • Supplied with External Antenna
  • Key Switch Isolator
  • Fitted to Robust IP65 Plastic Enclosure with Clear Hinged Cover
  • EPA Products provides a factory programming service for easy installation

GSM Speech Dialler Datasheet PDF