Robust LED luminaire for energy-efficient stable lighting

EPA Products Ltd has actively been involved with the development and control of Led lighting for the poultry industry for over 8 years. The led lighting industry technology is very fast moving, unfortunately, a lot of led lighting products offered are not designed for the harsh environment of a poultry shed, and prove very unreliable and therefore not cost effective for the industry. A large number of customers asked EPA Products to supply a Led strip light as an alternative to their ageing existing fluorescent lights.

There were numerous problems when finding an ideal replacement……….

  1. Most customers had achieved over ten years useful life from their existing florescent lights and expected the same from a Led alternative. This was not possible despite claims from manufactures, a useful Led light life within a poultry shed application is three years.
  2. There was no industry standard to the installation or control for the led strip lights offered, making future replacements impossible when maintaining the system.
  3. A lot of led strip lights trialled at EPA Products did not offer the same light spread as the fluorescent, therefore the customer would require more Led lights to be installed, again not a cost effective solution.
  4. The Led strip lights offered to the poultry industry are not suitable, simply because they were not designed to be robust enough to be used within a poultry shed. Another major problem the manufacture had was no understanding of the negative effects and responses of poultry due to the incorrect colour spectrum. The systems offered were better suited to offices and schools.
Amenta Dimmable LED

X = 1.541 mm
Z = 78 mm
Y = 67 mm
Weight = max. 2,3 kg

Amenta LED Strip Light Dimensions

This LED light fitting was designed as the perfect retrofit replacement for the traditional high frequency fluorescent lights. It is dimmable via a 0-10 control system dimming down to 1% and with its 5 year warranty is excellent value.


  • Robust design for extreme stable conditions (IP66, IK03)
  • Energy-efficient alternative to T5/T8 stable luminaires
  • Optimised for price sensitive applications
  • Simple mounting and operation
  • Fewer luminaires required
  • Extruded PMMA profile
  • 50,000 h service life
  • 5-year warranty
  • Part No. LEDAMENTA830 (AMENTA warm white 3000k 0-10v) LEDAMENTA840 (AMENTA cool white 4000k 0-10v)
TK 102523822
Dimensions (mm) 1.541 x 76 x 67 mm
Weight (kg) 2,0
Power (W) 35
Luminous flux (lm) 4.200
Colour 3000k (830) 4000k (840)
CRI 80
Voltage 220..240
Frequency 0..50/60
Protection class I
Ballast controls TD (0-10 V)E
Connection 2x Terminal
Weight (kg) 2,0
IP protection IP 66
Material PMMA, ASA
End cap colour Red
Service life, L80 (25 °C) (h) 50.000
Min. / Max. ambient temp. -15 ... +25
Fire protection, UL94 HB
Fire protection, EN 60595-2-11 (°C) 650