Gate Pager


The system is made up of a push button switch fitted in a weatherproof case, a transmitter panel with a rechargeable 12v supply and a pocket pager.

Transmitter Panel

The Transmitter is mounted in the site office or in a dry area and is connected to a mains supply (note the unit is fixed with a 12v dc rechargeable supply to back the system up for mains supply failure) the push button unit is connected to the transmitter panel by two low voltage wires.

MHzThe gate pager is a three channel system so it is possible to connect the existing alarm system to one spare channel and the site phone to the third channel. For example, a visitor at the gate would be code A, and an alarm call would be code B and code C could be site telephoning is ringing.

Pocket Pager


Four button operation with icon-driven menu options makes the pager quick and easy to use. There are two selectable display modes; 4 lines of 20 characters or 2 lines of 12 characters. The two-line display with its large characters is ideal for applications such as Assistance Call where it is vital that the call is read and acted upon quickly. Add to this a compact ergonomic case design and USB charging and you have a classic pager suitable for most paging applications.

8 addresses (individually selectable OFF/TONE/NUMERICAL/ALPHA)
Selectable 4 line or 2 line display
Rechargeable by USB
Storage -60 messages, up to 24,000 characters
Repeat message rejection
Low battery, out of range, repeat message, error message unread message indicators
Tone, vibrate, tone + vibrate and mute alert modes
modesDistinct 'urgent call' alert can be set up at the time of ordering
Scheduling functions


Size: 75 (L) x 51 (W) x 18 (D) mm

Weight: 65g (with battery)

Display: High contrast 120x32 dot matrix LCD
4 lines of 20 characters or 2 lines of 12 characters

Addresses: 8 addresses (selectable)

Storage: 60 private 16 Public

Total Storage: 24000 characters

Beeper Output: Better than 90 dbA @ 30cm

Frequency Coverage: 169 -174 MHz 442 -448 MHz 454 -460 MHzThe

Push Button

The Push Button unit is mounted at the gate or the site office or at a point you require visitors to wait for your attention.