Radio Alarm Systems

The alarm system is supplied as an 8-channel or 16-channel system. The alarm signals are transmitted to the radio alarm receiver from the alarm transmitters R.A.T. MK11, the typical maximum range of the system open air is 2km.

Radio Alarm Aerial
Radio Alarm Aerial

The R.A.T. MK11 transmitters will self-test with the Radio receiver panel approximately every two hours / 12x per day. Should a transmitter fail the self-test, the alarm system will be triggered (if the radio alarm receiver is switched to ARM)


In the event of the transmitter 12vdc battery supply failing, the backup battery’s inside the transmitter (2X AA Battery’s) will automatically take over the system and will instantly send an alarm radio signal and trigger the alarm.
(if the radio alarm receiver is switched to ARM). The blue Channel indicators will flash up to the transmitter Channel at fault.

Rat ii Transmitter


Compliance: Product is tested to 1995/5/EC R&TTE Directive Radio
Section: Operating frequency 868.6625 MHz at 20kHz bandwidth. I-ETS 300 220. CE tested to I-ETS 300 339 (draft standard)
Power input: 230v with 12vdc control with battery back up Alarm Output: 12vdc alarm output and volt free N.C contacts