LED Dimmer

The EPA LED Symmetry control dimmer was designed with microprocessor control to eliminate flicker associated with dimmable Led lights. A simple installation can be retrofitted to most lighting systems when upgrading to Led lighting. There is no requirement to install lighting filters/chokes or snubbers.


  • Designed and Manufactured for dimmable Led lights
  • Micro Processor control self stabilising to eliminate light flicker
  • Suitable for a wide range of AC main power supplies
  • Simple installation
  • Agricultural – Horticultural – Aquatic – Industrial and Home Automation Lighting Systems

Warning: (never connect any Snubber or Inductive loads to the dimmer as it will cause permanent damage.)

Power Regulator: Maximum Load 2500W (with adequate heat dissipation)
Supply Voltage Range: 85V AC – 265V AC 50/60Hz
Control Signal: 0-10v / 5K Potentiometer
Part No. REGU19
Kit complete with potentiometer, knob & dial REGU19KIT

LED Symmetry Control Unit Datasheet

View instructions attached for Symmetry control

EPA LED Symmetry Dimmer Control