Air Inlet Model 145-VFG made of high quality polyurethane foam. Flange model with flange on the front side. (Including connection set)Divided air direction; up to 35% air enters only from the top side; above 35% also from the bottom side control by means of one stainless steel side arm. This inlet has a curved inner flap.

Poultry Shed Air In-let Vents
Air In-Let

TPI 3000-VFG-C

The 3000-VFG-C air inlet valve is made entirely of high-quality polyurethane. It has three metal reinforcements inside the housing and two in the inner flap. Seals are placed around the housing to prevent air leakage. This combination of material and seals mean that the flap is perfectly suited for use at extremely low temperatures. The central control arm is made of stainless steel. The 3000-VFG-C has a curved inner flap which is hinged in the middle. Because of that from a certain opening fresh air is entering also through the bottom of the flap. This makes the flap very suitable for use in floor housing. A self-opening version of the inlet is supplied as standard.

TPI 3000 VFG-C Air In-Lets
TPI Air In-Let Spares
Part No. Description 145-VFG 3000 VFG
AIR03 Air-Inlet
AIR03A Pulley & cord 📷
AIR03B Cable clamp 3mm cord 📷
AIR03C Inlet closing catch 📷


The LEP air inlet grille features a counterbalanced flap which opens on proportion to increased air speed but minimized droughts. The extended shape at the bottom of the grille deflects the air upward as it enters the building to mix with the warmer air inside, reducing the dumping of cold air onto the livestock.

LEP Air-Inlet
lep air inlet back

The system is manufactured from UV stabilized ecologically friendly plastic suitable for temperature range -30°C to +70°C.