The Ziehl-Abegg Fan Range

EPA Products Ltd for a great number of years has been proud to be a distributor and stockist of the high quality Ziehl Abegg Fan range. The Ziehl fan and backdraft shutter range is used primarily for agriculture. Sizes range from 250mm up to 710mm fan diameter. The company distributes fan controllers in either single phase or three phase, as well as fan guards. The company offers a fan motor rewind and exchange service from stock, fan motor replacement capacitors (large quantity discounts available), and fan motor replacement bearings.

Quality Engineering
Ziehl-Abegg axial flow fans feature the legendary external rotor motor combined with optimised aerofoil sectioned axial flow impeller to give a high performance fan that delivers a large volume of air at relatively low power consumption. Noise and running costs are minimised. Much of the heat generated in a motor is produced in the rotor. The external rotor motor with the metal impeller integrated with the rotor providing a good method of heat dissipation from the motor. Where other fans use standard internal rotor motors which hold the heat within the motor body, the Ziehl–Abegg superior heat dissipation system ensures long operating life and provide full and reliable speed control by voltage regulation by three and two wire control methods.

Plate Mounted Fans
The range of plate mounted fans can be offered from 315mm diameter to 1250mm diameter. 315mm to 710mm Diameter Fan sizes can be offered with single phase motors or three phase motors, 800mm to 1250mm Diameter fans are only offered with three phase motors.

Chimney Fans
The range of chimney mounted fans can be offered from 630mm diameter to 820mm diameter. 630mm to 820mm Diameter Fan can be offered with single phase motors or three phase motors.

Mixer Fans
The mixer fan is offered as a 630mm diameter fan single phase motor. The fan is supplied fully guarded to be suspended inside the building.
Most installers / customers who have fitted mixer fans have reported up to a 30% saving in heating costs and an improved environment with air circulation.