Fan Chimney Heat Saver

The Heat Savers are a simple solution, to help reduce heating costs for rearing sheds, with roof mounted chimney fans.

Basic theory warm air rises. Most modern sheds have a good level of roof insulation, we then install a number of fan chimneys with little to no insulation and air gaps around the damper valve, and therefore heat is allowed to escape through the chimney.

The Heat Savers are fitted during the setup before the start of new flock, they are simply fitted to the bottom of chimney inside the shed, like a shower cap.


Please note:  Heat Savers are not fitted to fans that are used for minimum ventilation.


The Heat Saver is fitted with a lanyard strap, when more ventilation is require during the growing cycle, by standing on the ground and pulling the lanyard the Heat Saver is simply pulled off the bottom of the chimney.

Additional benefit chimneys fitted without powered dampers, will often blow open during strong wind, with significant loss of heat, interruption to ventilation control, and noise stress.

Fan damper open due to wind gusting

Heat Saver Not Installed

Fan damper open due to wind gusting.

Chimney Fan with Heat saver Installed

  • Chimney Heater Saver is Fully Insulated.
  • Prevent Unnecessary Heat Loss.
  • Easy Installed and Removed.
  • Helps Prevent Wild Bird Entry
  • Easily Cleaned