FC5AD Track Feeder Control

The FC5AD is a compact chain feed system control unit. Designed with simplicity to set and operate being a key feature. Accuracy in track run time is also taken into account via the use of a digital run time clock which can be programmed to the second reducing feed waste and thus saving money.

Traditionally track feeder controls consisted of a twin-dial clock, the 24-hour outer dial, and a 60-minute inner dial. Although these clocks were the most popular choice, unfortunately, these are no longer available and also did not offer the accuracy of their digital counterpart.

Most operators are reluctant to use a digital time clock for track feeder systems due to the complication of use and the ability to simply see when the next feed is due. We have overcome this problem by choosing a digital run timer with simplicity to set being of key importance. By retaining the preferred analogue clock for feed start times we have kept it easy to see when the next feed is due.

Digital Track Run Timer Feeder Control For Poultry Sheds

Also available as Twin Track Option

EPA Products Ltd has had a lot of experience with using time clocks for various applications within the poultry industry. One of the most common failures of analogue time clocks are dust and mite entering the inside of the time clock, consequently jamming the internal gears. To solve this we chose to use an enclosure with a gasket sealed transparent door which offers protection from outside elements while still enabling displays to be read. By raising the cover access is granted for setting the unit.

Digital Timer

The FC5AD Track Feeder control addresses a lot of problems, Feeder times are still controlled by a 24 hour time clock but the feed track interval run time is controlled by a digital timer, this allows for precision track run times and ease of operation by using a 24 hour analogue time clock

  • Easy to use. Measure the time taken (seconds) for the feed track to complete one circuit. Set the run time of the track to the digital run timer. Example 425 seconds. The settings will not be lost in the event of power failure
  • Standard 24 hour time clock for easy feed interval time adjustment and visual display of feeder time settings
  • Fitted to IP65 enclosure with hinged opening lid for clock and timer adjustment
  • The time clock and digital timer display is still visible through the lid
  • Track feeder control can be custom built to your requirements

Part No. EPA021 (EPA Feeder Control FC5AD Single Track)
Part No. EPA021 TT(EPA Feeder Control FC5AD Twin Track)