Landline Speech Dialler

The EPA Speech Dialler is intended for use as an automatic message dialler. The primary use for the dialler is for connection to the existing farm alarm system.

The unit will dial up to four telephone numbers with call acknowledgment.

The dialler offers one common message (Farm name) and one short alarm message without the need for expensive tapes.

Powered by its own 12vdc power which is trickle charges under normal conditions.

Both the mains supply and telephone line inputs are protected against lightning and surge.

To help prevent false call outs and the adjustable time delay is fitted which is adjusted by the installer.

A four-digit user code switches the dialler on and off and a separate operator four-digit code is used to change dial out parameters.

Fitted in an IP65 Plastic enclosure with a clear hinged cover.

  • Four digit security code
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Telephone line monitor
  • Low power monitor
  • Three-way call feature (in the event of the dialler being used on a shared line, the dialler will park the incoming call in the event of an emergency
  • View last call log

Landline Speech Dialler Datasheet PDF