Disano 962 Hydro LED, 1 – 10 Dimmable

The high technological expertise achieved by the Disano Group in both the design and industrial manufacturing of lighting fixtures has resulted in the creation of a new watertight LED fixture. New Hydro LED features a modern design that blends well into any type of setting.

Housing: injection mould, in grey polycarbonate, shatter-proof, UV-stabilised, highly resistant to mechanical impacts thanks to the reinforced structure with internal ribbing. Diffuser: injected molded in polycarbonate with internal ribbing for greater lighting control, in V2 self-extinguishing, UV-stabilised material; its smooth outer finish makes cleaning easier and increases lighting efficiency. Equipped with stainless steel screw clamping.

Reflector: in galvanised steel, previously stone-enamelled with UV-stabilised polyester resin. Clamping device manufactured directly onto the housing.

Dimensions: L 1260mm - 102mm - 120mm Wiring: rigid cable diam. 0.5 SQmm. PVC_HT sheathing resistant to 90°C. according to EN 50525-2-31.

Standard supply: eco-friendly and anti-aging expanded polyurethane injected gasket. The fixing brackets for ceiling and suspension mounting are in stainless steel. Socket-plug connector. The fixture is secured to the fixing brackets through quick connectors.

Regulations: manufactured in compliance with EN60598-1, EN60598-2-1

Degree of protection: in accordance with EN60598-1

Photobiological safety class: exempt

Power factor:
>= 0.95 Luminous flux maintenance after 50.000 hrs: L80B20

Supply: 220 - 240v 50/60Hz

Lighting output: 5250lm - 3000k

Control signal: 0 - 10v

Low Flicker Risk

Fitting comes with 2 year warranty

disano hydro led
Disano Hydro LED Dimension Sheet

Disano Hydro LED Datasheet