High Frequency Dimmable Fluorescent Tube Light

High Frequency Dimmable Tube Light
Tube 1
Tube 2
Tube 3

Above images demonstrates ease of access for maintenance

We have introduced a new Tubular Dimmable “Digital Dimming” Fluorescent Light based on a design for the Poultry and Food Industry, the new unit has a Poly Carbonate Outer Tube and Acetal End Caps.

The unit is suspended vertically and has an opal satin diffuser as standard, which prevents shadows and gives an even light output. Two versions are available with the energy saving T5 lamps, in either 28w or 35w These lamps have an average life of 20000 hours and a service life of 16000 hours. The digital control ensures that the light can be dimmed to 1% of full brilliance with a 1200mm 5 core cable already attached.

Benefits of the Tubular Fluorescent

Supply/control cable is a standard five core cable as opposed to a three core supply and a twin core.

  • Dimmable to 1% light output.
  • T5 Tube which offers longer tube life than the T8.
  • T5 Tube consumes less wattage than a T8 for a similar light output.
  • Fitting supplied with connection cable already fitted.
  • Simple to change tube when replacement is required
  • Very robust Poly Carbonate outer casing as opposed to glass ensuring increased
  • Built-in diffuser reducing shadow and giving a more even light output.